Saturday, December 3, 2011

Innar Salts // Bandcamp

I made a new album a while back. It's on bandcamp.

My friend & I are putting a band together. We shall be called The Nuer.

I made this mockup for an album that doesn't exist yet.

Children that can't visualize a word don't understand it.
That means all ideas are pictures.

Monday, April 18, 2011

i made a 13 minute music video for some more songs // some more songs were made by me

Soon I will make a narcissistic website where I am going to start posting everything I make that I feel like sharing with people, so that this can go back to being a place where I share other people's music for people to read to. I'm trying to get things organized in my mind and in the physical world. I want to start publishing my website again. I want to start caring more. There is so much good writing on the internet. I think themselves will work things out.

This video takes a while to load and while it may seem uneventful at first, I saved the best for last. Most of all of this was filmed by Thomas Edison around the turn of the century. Supposedly he is sneezing around 9:00 but I think he was being clever about the fact that he did cocaine.

Monday, April 11, 2011

i made some music // some music was made

Get it here via Multiupload

(You can just pick one of those to download it from)

Also I am on Soundcloud, but I only have one song up so far...


Friday, February 25, 2011

facebook kind of freaks me out // what kind of pizza do you want? i'll buy an extra large three topping, don't get all shitty with me now time 2 shine

Get it here via Megaupload

So I got this book called Everything Is on Sale. It's on free right now.

Check it out at Unnecessary Press or Goodreads.

Or download it here or here.

Whatever you want to do really, if you want to.

I think
when I'm old
I'm gonna go around
telling people who I like
I hope they have like
a dozen children
the way old men do
in Polish New Wave movies
and Chinese fairy tales.

Monday, October 11, 2010

steve roach // i don't read nothing but books right now

Get it here via Megaupload

Steve Roach is like woah chill. There's more to that but you should just listen to it rather than me.

People do things and sometimes other people. Does that mean we do something of what I guess I mean is because sometimes what we do is right or wrong, right -- this is a question (said the way a bad guy would say "This is a stick-up" in a bad movie).

I reviewed two books I read recently.

Brett Gallagher wrote something nice on my review of I Looked Alive, which was nice of him, and my review resulted in at least one Gary Lutz book sold, which I consider a personal victory - I even did a sort of fist pump but I became aware of it halfway through and it became more of an invisible bump.

I'm reading at Chelsea Martin's book opening on Sunday, November 14 at Royal NoneSuch Gallery in Oakland. Jimmy Chen is reading too. And Chelsea's friend Elise. I don't know what time. Probably in the evening.

Chelsea used to cut my hair and she was good. Now I go to this Italian barbershop in North Beach. I don't know why but the guy's name is Sario and that seems good I guess. Probably I don't know what good is.

You should know I have a lot of faces. I'm collecting them for the end of days.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

bill evans // bryan coffelt

Get both here via Megaupload

Ludicrously classy solo jazz piano by a lifelong heroin addict from New Jersey (buried in New Orleans). The best of the best. I listen to this all the damn time. And there's no reason not to. It's the best.

I like this thing "Person/People" by Bryan Coffelt that is on Everyday Genius. I feel like it describes all the people I have ever known in one way or another. I'm just kidding. I don't know. It's a lot like people I know or have been though. It's good. I mean, I like it. It qualifies as good, I think, despite my qualifying statements. Just read the damn thing.

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