Monday, September 7, 2009

sleep // steven mcdermott

Get it via Megaupload here

Sleep were like the Ramones of doom metal; they did everything right. I know that doesn't sound like something you might want to hear when you're reading, but trust me on this one: chilled-out drone, tribal drums, and primal chants make the perfect sound for kicking back to crack open that new novel. Oh, and this album is just one track for over an hour. I know, right?

Matt Pike (the singer) is a living legend. Strangely enough, he's a bartender at a bar near my apartment in Oakland. Really weird seeing a dude who some people think is a modern day Iggy Pop serving up cocktails to aging punk rockers. So it goes.

Also, I recommend "Big Dumb Animal" by Steven J. McDermott, published by > kill author. Nice. Really nice.

Little discussion about writing music over at HTMLGIANT. Some really good and really horrible recommendations going on there. The talk of Sunn and OM made me think of this track/album. The giant has been quite a busy place, lately. I feel like I get a lot of intellectual stimulation out of it. Even though I usually just talk a bunch of shit, I'm pretty glad it exists.

So I'm thinking about applying for an MFA program, or maybe a couple. Right now I'm considering the low-residency programs at UC-Riverside and Antioch. Both seem pretty good.

Antioch gets a lot of recognition, but I don't know about spending that much on an MFA. For me, the point is to be able to teach and make some decent money, not to owe a shit ton of cash to a private school that claims it will teach me to pursue "social justice." If I want to pursue such things, I will; and if I don't, I won't. That's how I feel about it.

UC-Riverside seems like it might be the better choice for me. I really don't want to move anywhere, nor do I want to pay a lot for school. They seem to have some good professors. If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

I'm going to be reading sometime in October, in Berkeley, as part of a Dogzplot reading. Pretty excited about it. I've never read before - I mean, in public, something I wrote. Thinking about doing something really gimmicky but "cool." But I'll probably just get drunk and fuck up. Only time will tell.

Oh, I got a story accepted to PANK. Will be doing an mp3 recording of it so that you all can hear my sexy radio voice. Also there will be an interview, I think. So you will learn more about me than you probably want to know, like what I would do to PANK if we met in a bar, etc.

Think I'm going to make a Hot Pocket and watch Twin Peaks. It's like high school all over again.


  1. This Sleep album is great, thanks for posting!

  2. I discovered Sleep in Gummo, and have been digging them ever since. Great post.

  3. That album cover deserves great praise as well. hot damn.

  4. matt doesn't sing on dopesmoker

    it's al

    too bad he doesn't use his dopesmoker-styled roar on om's albums instead of his dry, monotone singing style

    the album is really good but i think it falls apart towards the end, the last few verses or thereabouts

    it keeps its steam going until just past halfway or after the second solo

    however it's really good for epic stoned walks through the woods (preferably deserts)

  5. ahh, right on. i always wondered why matt doesn't sing like that on anything else. that makes sense. thanks, steven.

    i know what you mean re: 'losing steam' but i feel like that's just how it comes down.



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